Activewear made from plants, not plastic. 

The weight of the world can be heavy, but the weight of the world was never intended to be carried on your shoulders. 

Thank God for Namarie 



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The Environmental Harm

We have to let you know what the problems are before we can tell you how we're solving them, so keep reading!


The Palm oil industry has desolated rainforests, leaving wildlife without a home. 

69,000,000 acres are deforested every year.


4% of every breath we take is microplastics, with over half coming from clothing. 

These tiny specs of plastic found in clothes have been making their way into oceans, air, and even our bodies 


Studies have shown microplastics in our blood, lungs and placentas.

In 2023, it was found that microplastics can cause breast cancer. Especially when we sweat, plastic fibers from our clothes quickly invade our bodies. 


We use hemp because it has a long enough taproot to reach the mycelium networks in the soil. What does this mean? Hemp has the ability to heal the dead soil

Let's make this simple...

1. Namarie finds deforested rainforest, once home to 🦧🐯🐘 and plants hemp in the soil.

2. Once the soil is fully healed, we harvest the plants and use it to make your clothing. 

3. Namarie plants native species on the newly healed land and, in time, returns the animals to their homes. 

Goodbye Microplastics

Since our fabric is made from hemp, you are protected 

So, when you're washing your Namarie clothing, are microplastics being flushed into our ocean? Nope. 

Do you get to look good in your gym fit and make a real and positive impact on our oceans while doing it? Absolutely. 

Clean Body

In your Namarie activewear you can sweat it out and keep plastics from getting in. 

Changing from the inside out means choosing Namarie. Protect the vital world within while you heal the one around you. 


Let's be clear.

We are not saying "the world is doomed and you need to fix it." We are saying, our earth needs healing and we have the solution. So join us on a higher frequency and day by day, we will create a more exciting tomorrow.

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