The World’s First Rainforest Regenerating Activewear

Namarie activewear is made from premium hemp fabric, offering a soft touch and eco-friendly benefits. With each purchase, you're supporting the conservation of orangutan habitats. Feel good about looking good in Namarie.

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Made from Plants, not Plastic

Microplastics can be found in the air we breathe and are harmful to both wildlife and humans. By replacing fossil fuel-based materials with hemp, Solinium fabric helps prevent the accumulation of microplastics in our oceans and atmosphere to protect your health and the environment.

Super Soft Fabric

Softer than our rain-fed hemp, our fabric is the ideal feel for all things fitness and lounging.

Every Order Saves 1 Acre of Rainforest

Through our partnership with The Orangutan Project we will be saving & protecting 1 acre of rainforest with every order. This does not include the deforested land we use for our regenerative hemp growing. 

Downtown Brown

Namarie Maroon

Bagheera Black

Namarie has created the World's first regenerative supply chain

The rainforest's soil distributes vital nutrients to all plant life through mycelium networks.

However, human activities such as deforestation for palm oil production have disrupted these essential networks, rendering it difficult for other plants to thrive.  

By growing hemp in these dead areas, Namarie aims to revive the mycelium networks and bring life back to the soil.

 After harvesting the hemp, alongside our partners, we reforest the rainforest with native species and because their core system is thriving again, they can too!

Reserve your $40 discount

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